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Various (band), an english dubstepelectronic music duo various artists, a term for a compilation album containing pieces by various musicians various authors, a book containing works by several writers the various, a childrens fantasy novel by steve augarde see also. Various & gould, a berlin-based artist duo various artists archives vol.

Various definition is - of an indefinite number greater than one.

Various definition, of different kinds, as two or more things differing one from another various experiments have not proved his theory.

  various definition if you say that there are various things, you mean there are several different things of.

Some common synonyms of various are different, disparate, divergent, and diverse. While all these words mean unlike in kind or character, various stresses the number of sorts or kinds.


Unlike different flowers as various as the rose, the daisy, and the iris. Being more than one several she spoke to various members of the club. Varied in nature or character not uniform the war with scotland.