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The Whole

The Whole

Whole a single entity comprised of a collection of parts including all of an entity this requires your whole attention. Not to be confused with hole an opening in something or an unoccupied space a playing period in golf we only had time to play nine holes.

Welcome to the whole works complementary therapy & counselling centre the most established centre of its kind in edinburgh with therapists practising to high professional standards. Hidden in a quiet street in heart of edinburghs old town, the whole works is much more than a therapy centre offering a wide range of holistic approaches it is an inviting haven waiting to be discovered.

Wedding & Event Styling | The Whole Sch Bang

With bruce willis, matthew perry, natasha henstridge, amanda peet. Jimmy the tulips (bruce willis) quiet new life is shaken up by his old pal oz (matthew perry), whose wife (natasha henstridge) has been kidnapped by a hungarian mob. The tulip and his wife jill (amanda peet) spring into action.

At the whole sch-bang we hold a large collection of styling items and a vast hire catalogue which enables us to style any event with any scheme to any level. From intimate chic designs to large scale themed events our expert stylists are able to work with you to design and quote you on our discussions to enable you to realise your wedding day or sophiscated event.