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The UnderC

The UnderC

  the goal of the underc project is to produce a useful c interpeter.

The UnderC

Ucw may have difficulty finding this file, but you can copy the defs. H found in the underc directory to whatever directory you wish to work in. You can then customize it by adding declarations, macros, etc. The enclosed cd-rom has also got gcc and the free borland compiler.

The underc-west class is held in the mission mountain valley of montana, and includes two one-week trips where the class visits several important conservation and historic sites. Studens participate in modules on cultural and environmental history, grassland and wildlife, montane forest, and native american ecology.

UNDERC West // UNDERC // University of Notre Dame

The underc-west program offers a 10-week field biology course for undergraduate students who have completed the underc-east course. This 3-credit summer course is located in western montana on the flathead reservation.

Underc furthers research and education in environmental studies at the university of notre dame by focusing activities on unique locations of high environmental quality in the north central region and northern rockies of north america.

The goal of the underc project is to produce a useful c interpreter which supports pocket versions of standard library classes (iostreams, strings, vectors, lists, maps, etc) and the stl algorithms. It is particularly intended to make life easier for students beginning c.