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The Th E

The Th E

The the went on to release further albums through sony music including mind bomb (1989), dusk (1993), hanky panky (1995), nakedself (2000) and compilation album 45 rpm the singles of the the (2002).

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A low dissonant score from the the creates the unsettling atmosphere of classic dystopian sci-fi-the times. Extraordinaryremember the shock of seeing mickey rourke in the wrestler after his wilderness years? We are in that sort of territory-the guardian.

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Details of the publication of a new authorised the the biography long shadows, high hopes the life and times of matt johnson & the the byneil fraserhas been announced.

The Th E

They have been active in various forms since 1979, with singer-songwriter matt johnson being the only constant band member. The the achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in the uk, with 15 chart singles (seven reaching the top 40), and their most successful album, infected (1986), spent 30 weeks on the chart. They followed this with the top ten albums mind bomb (1989) and dusk (1993).