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The Piave

The Piave

The Piave

  the piave viticultural zone is the largest in veneto, and covers a geographical area larger than bardolino, valpolicella, soave and gambellara combined. To the south are the venetian lagoon and the northern adriatic sea to the west are the flat, fertile, over-watered plains which form a triangle between treviso, vicenza and chioggia.

The piave (latin plavis, german ploden) is a river in northern italy. It begins in the alps and flows southeast for 220 kilometres (140 mi) into the adriatic sea near the city of venice. In 1809 it was the scene of a battle during the napoleonic wars, in which franco-italian and austrian forces clashed.

On november 9 all the italian forces were behind the piave, except for 250,000 prisoners in austro-german hands and nearly twice as many other casualtieskilled, wounded, sick, or missing. The same day cadorna was superseded in supreme command by gen.

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The second battle of the piave river, fought between 15 and , was a decisive victory for the italian army against the austro-hungarian empire during world war i. Though the battle proved to be a decisive blow to the austro-hungarian empire and by extension the central powers, its full significance was not initially appreciated in italy. Yet erich ludendorff, on hearing the news, is reported to have said he had the sensation of defeat for the first time.

In world war i the piave river became the main line of italian defense after the austrian breakthrough at caporetto in 1917. Despite concerted austrian attacks in 1918, the line held, and the austrians were decisively defeated at the battle of vittorio veneto at the end of october 1918.

A part of the line on the piave where the austrian and italian trenches were only 150 yards apart. Object details category photographs related period first world war (production), first world war (content) creator royal navy official photographer catalogue number q 19078 part of ministry of information first world war official collection.

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The Piave

However, re-crossing the rapids of the piave proved problematic and enabled the italians to attack boroevic in the flank. By the time boroevic had successfully re-crossed the river on 22 june his forces had suffered some 150,000 casualties.