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The New Si

The New Si

The following is a brief summary of the changes that are being adopted in this new si.

The New Si

Earlier this year, much publicity heralded a change to the way in which the si unit of mass, the kilogram, was to be redefined. No longer was it to be defined in terms of the international prototype kilogram, a revered cylindrical metal artifact located in a laboratory in saint-cloud in the western suburbs of paris.

Starting on may 20, 2019, the definitions of most of the si (syst è me international dunit é s) units changed. In particular, references to materials (like the triple point of water to define the kelvin of the temperature scale) or references to the artifacts (like the platinum-iridium kilogram prototype) were eliminated and the seven base units (second, meter, kilogram, ampere.).

Research on the new SI PTB.de

The new si will be a milestone in the history of civilization itself. What specifically does this entail for schoolchildren, scientists, technology, the general public or even (who knows!) martians? Our ptb info sheet will give you a brief, clear and concise explanation. Furthermore you can find an explanation to the natural contants and a short data sheet of the worlds roundest sphere.

In 2019, the si base units were redefined in agreement with the international system of quantities, effective on the 144th anniversary of the metre convention, in the redefinition, four of the seven si base units the kilogram, ampere, kelvin, and mole were redefined by setting exact numerical values for the planck constant (h), the elementary electric charge (e), the boltzmann constant (kb), and the avogadro constant (na), respectively.

  the new si will be built on defined fundamental constants. Reference objects, such as the international prototype for the kilogram, will no longer be needed. This will eliminate several problems, such as the lack of accessibility to the physical object and its value drift over time.