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  how can patients and members of the public get involved in the restart of research? Be part of research has been updated to provide ready access to information on how to participate in current covid-19 and non covid-19 research. According to the restart framework, one of the suggested pre-conditions for restart of paused studies is assessment of study viability.

If you would like to hear more about the role the nihr r-trc has played in co-ordinating the phase 2 trial of sng001 and other trials during the covid-19 pandemic, please join our webinar on 30 november.


Did rcf change in 2018? The formula used to allocate rcf was revised in 2018. The total annual allocation will be gradually reduced from 201920 onwards, and organisations will no longer receive rcf for new nihr senior investigators.

The public health research (phr) programme is funded by the nihr, with contributions from the cso in scotland, health and care research wales, and the hsc r&d division, public health agency in northern ireland.

The nihr has published information about covid-19 for patients on the be part of research website, including how to get involved and information on supporting research in black, asian and minority ethnic communities.