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While its not the most recognizable film on this list, scanners has certainly developed a strong fan base since its 1981 release. The movie that kickstarted david cronenbergs career, scanners revolves heavily around psychic powers and how devastating those powers can be. Scanners (1981) the following scene has been paused so much due to the gory nature of it.

The Most P

4 global shops growth selling this product (yoy) 76 top country united states remember summer 2020, when bikes went out of stock?well, its clear folks are looking for a new way of transportation, because the next trending product on this list is bike saddles.

For each letter of the alphabet, a to z, find a word containing the highest possible proportion of that letter if people come up with more than one word with the same proportion, the longest one wins. Examples taking the letter a, the best i can think of is taramasalata (612), which trumps banana (36) because its longer banana in turn trumps razzmatazz (310.).

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  the boys have arrived on our screens and theyve shocked some viewers. New amazon prime video series the boys, based on the graphic novels of the same name by garth ennis and darick robertson.

With an estimated value of 330 million, the odeon tower penthouse is right up there with the most expensive houses in the world. For that kind of money, youll get a 35,000 square-foot apartment at the very top of one of the most expensive buildings in monaco.

  what is the rarest 50p coin? The 2009 kew gardens 50p coin remains the rarest of all coins with just 210,000 in circulation. But if you include definitive coins meaning those produced annually then the second rarest 50p design is the 2017 royal shield of arms.