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The Marne

The Marne

  the first battle of the marne was the battle that halted the advance of the german army across northern france in the fall of 1914.

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The Marne

First battle of the marne, (september 612, 1914), an offensive during world war i by the french army and the british expeditionary force (bef) against the advancing germans who had invaded belgium and northeastern france and were within 30 miles (48 km) of paris. The french threw back the massive german advance and thwarted german plans for a quick and total victory on the western front.

First Battle of the Marne Wikipedia

The first battle of the marne was a battle of the first world war fought from 6 to 12 september 1914. It resulted in an allied victory against the german armies in the west. The battle was the culmination of the retreat from mons and pursuit of the francobritish armies which followed the battle of the frontiers in august and reached the eastern outskirts of paris.

Battle on the marne by wilhelm klemm describes the scene in sept. The freezing of the grass to green metal is a way of expressing the mass loss of life. In the second part of the poem, klemm identifies with both countries all suffer under the firing and shelling of the one huge lion.

The marne is a river in france, an eastern tributary of the seine in the area east and southeast of paris. The river gave its name to the departments of haute-marne, marne, seine-et-marne, and val-de-marne.

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It is a right tributary of the seine in the area east and southeast of paris. Four departments are named after it haute-marne, marne, seine-et-marne and val-de-marne.

The first battle of the marne marked the end of the german sweep into france and the beginning of the trench warfare that was to characterise world war one.