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Synonyms C

Synonyms C

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Synonyms C

Synonyms- c synonyms - 1 c note cabal cabala caballero cabaret cabbage cabdriver cabin boy cabin cabinet cable caboose cache cachet cackle cackle cacophony cactus cad cadaver cadaverous caddie cadence cadenza cadet cadger cadre caducity caesar caesura cafe cafeteria cage cagey cahoots cairn cajole cake calamitous calamity calcimine calcination.

A public declaration of intentions (as issued by a political party or government).

Synonyms C

Directions choose the correct synonyms of given words c cachet (a) prestige (b) hiding place (c) booklet (d) cover up cacophony (a) applause (b) dance (c) discordant (d) type of telephone cadge (a) trick (b) path (c) disclose (d) beg caesarean (a) surgical operation (b) volume (c).

23 synonyms for c degree celsius, degree centigrade, light speed, speed of light, ascorbic acid, vitamin c, deoxycytidine monophosphate, cytosine.

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