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So Much Ad

So Much Ad

How did uber waste so much ad money? Ubers ad troubles arent recent news. As early as the start of 2020, there were stories coming out about how theyd realised theyd wasted huge multi-million dollar budgets on fraudulent ads. For some reason, these stories only received limited attention at the time, and mostly just from within the marketing community.

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So Much Ad

But with so much now known about how ad fraud hijacks marketing budgets, why has there still been so little progress in tackling the crime? Jonathan marciano, director of communications, cheq, explores this question.

We Know So Much About Ad Fraud, So How Can It Still Be ...

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  governments and the car industry have been working towards cleaner, greener cars for decades, with technology such as turbocharging to make engines ever more efficient.

So Much Ad

  in other words, theres only so much ad space available and there are many people that want to use it to grow a business. Thats why you cant just sign up and purchase an ad placement on facebook.

What is Adblue, what does it do, how much is it and does ...

  when buying adblue, you should check it meets the correct specification, so look for the iso 22241 number on the packaging. This may also appear as iso-22241-1, iso-22241-2, iso-22241-3.

Before streaming giants like netflix or amazon prime rose to prominence, youtube was taking care of our online video fix.

  whereas you know facebook has made so much ad revenue over the years by having access to thoseover one billion iphone users and other device users.