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Skip Navig

Skip Navig

Skip function (report, xmlport) 06052016 2 minutes to read j b e s s in this article. Skips the current iteration of the current report or xmlport.

From the command line in your project directory, run npm install reachskip-nav or yarn add reachskip-nav.

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Skip Navig

Skip navigation links allow users with screen readers to bypass long navigation lists. Make sure you include an id at the beginning of your main content and that it matches the skipnav link.

The skip navigation is a simple link that navigates the user to a predefined destination, which usually is the main content of the page. It is the first link in the document, so when we start navigating with the tab key (which is jump through the links and focusable elements), this is the first link we find.

start #nav access –> skip to navig… | ON LINE TIPS !

  skip to navigationswitch language the award-winning web browser from mozilla is now even faster, more secure, and totally customizable to your online life.

  use skip nav links to ease keyboard user fatigue and frustration.

The main content is not usually the first thing on a web page. Keyboard and screen reader users generally must navigate a long list of navigation links, sub-lists of links, corporate icons, site searches, and other elements before ever arriving at the main content.