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From the late latin word prspectvus, dating back to 158090.

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Prospectiv Online Marketing Services for Advertisers and .

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People who are expected to buy something, employ someone, become parents, etc.

We are an international consulting firm operating throughout latin america public affairs business about us since 2002, prospectiva has supported its clients to navigate public policy and regulated sectors of the market.

Perspective vs. Prospective: How to Choose the Right Word

  the movie retells the frankenstein myth from the perspective of the creature. The artist often used perspective to give depth to her street scenes. In this example, the word means an artistic way of adding a third dimension to a two-dimensional work.

Prospective definition is - relating to or effective in the future.

Adjective adjective noun you use prospective to describe someone who wants to be the thing mentioned or who is likely to be the thing mentioned. The story should act as a warning to other prospective buyers.