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  msnbcs joe scarborough latest completely deranged rant is aimed at u. Senator josh hawley (r-mo) as he attacks him for being a seditious cop-killer and ha.


  cnns fact-checking journalist daniel dale called it a 14-minute facebook video full of lies about the election.

  msnbcs jo ling kent hit by firework police assault tv news crew outside white house by chris ariens on jun. 2, 2020 - 909 am comment peaceful protests turned violent across many american cities.

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  msnbc host joe scarborough went on a strange rant tuesday, accusing his critics of equating rioting in cities across america last year with the deadly capitol riot on jan.

  msnbcs joe scarborough raged on thursday morning against capitol police in dc for allowing thousands of trump supporters to run riot with weapons in what has been described as one of the darkest.

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  msnbcs jo ling kent issued an all-clear alert after she was hit by a flash bang grenade during a live broadcast monday evening.

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They backed him because they thought he was going to be a bulwark against communism.

  on russia, figliuzzi said that they have a track record of breaking laws. He also said that american politicians should not politicize the threats, and thats the fear, the equivalency, the false equivalency that china likes biden, therefore, its all balanced out is a very, very troubling, misleading, dangerous presumption.


  msnbc host joe scarborough launched into a fiery rant thursday morning after a mob of president trumps supporters stormed the capitol building, slamming the police response and calling for trump.