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Located is a government-owned property company, responsible for buying and developing sites in england to help meet the governments commitment to.

  hi simpicitie, is located on the former custis estate does sound correct and normal. It sounds like it could be on top of the whole former estate, which is not there any more because it is said to be former.

Toyota motor manufacturing (uk) ltd why toyota located here reasons for a european location the first official toyota imports to europe took place in denmark in 1963, and since then, the corporation.

Where Is France Located? Reference.com

  france is located in western europe, and it borders the atlantic ocean to the west and the mediterranean to the south. Spain is the land to the south of france, and multiple countries including germany are to the east.

Locate definition is - to establish oneself or ones business settle.

For non-spatial contexts, andor where the location is commonly thought of as a container of some kind, in is more likely. Things are more likely to be at locations further away, but specific cases vary, and many are quite uncertain. The index, for example can be at the back of the book, or in the back.

Located is an arms-length body to the department for education.

Located in vs located at | WordReference Forums

I would almost certainly use located in for a larger area, such as a country or state or province, but i suspect that there are cases in which located at would be idiomatic for a smaller sub-division.

Located in is used when one is referring to a larger space, and located at to a smsller one.