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Lake Como

Lake Como

Explore lake como holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Como (aka lario) is the most â james bondâ of the italian lakes, where shiny red ferraris weave through narrow lakeside towns and neoclassical villas take on a whole new level of opulence. Parts of the 2006 bond movie casino royale were filmed here and many of the.

Lake Como

Lake como has been a popular holiday destination for aristocrats and the wealthy since roman times due to its beautifully kept public gardens, historic villas and dramatic views so you may end up brushing shoulders with a few of the celebrities who own homes there, like george clooney, sylvester stallone and richard branson. Bellagio is one of the most stunning lakeside towns not only.

Lake como , also known as lario (italian larjo after the latin larius lacus), is a lake of glacial origin in lombardy, italy. It has an area of 146 square kilometres (56 sq mi), making it the third-largest lake in italy, after lake garda and lake maggiore. At over 400 metres (1,300 ft) deep, it is the fifth deepest lake in europe, and the deepest outside norway the bottom of the lake is more than 200 metres (660 ft) below sea level. Lake como has been a popular retreat for aristocrats and wealthy people since roman times, and a very popular tourist attraction with many artistic and cultural gems. It has many villas and palaces such as villa olmo, villa serbelloni, and villa carlotta. Many famous people have had and have homes on the shores of lake como. One of its particularities is its characteristic y shape, which forms the so-called larian triangle, with the little town of canzo as its capital. In 2014, the huffington post called it the most beautiful lake in the world for its microclimate and environment with prestigious villas and villages.

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Lake como, also known as lario, is the third largest of the italian lakes (after lake garda and lake maggiore). With a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters (448 yards), lake como is one of the deepest lakes in europe. Its characteristic shape, reminiscent of an inverted y, results from the melting of glaciers combined with the erosive action of the ancient adda river.

Lake Como

While all of the local residents speak italian, part of the charm of lake como is that each of the small villages around the lake also has its own distinct dialect. Walking around and exploring, its common to hear neighbors speaking to each other in their local tongue.

Not just our words, but those of many philosophers, travel journalists and the people who travel there every year. Lake como is over 20 miles long with como, the main city to one end of the lake. In the shape of an inverted y, como is at the end of the south west leg, lecco to the.

Lake Como

Leave lake como and travel by coach into the majestic val valtellina, stopping for coffee in the small town of tirano, before boarding the magnificent bernina express. This spectacular journey then travels past glaciers and over dramatic gorges before arriving in st. Youll have some free time to explore and enjoy a spot of lunch (payable locally) in this picturesque town.

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A gorgeous spot thats a convenient day trip from milan, lake como recently earned fame as home to hollywood star george clooney. But celeb-spotting aside, its known for jaw-dropping natural beauty, elegant old villasand the scenic towns surrounding the lake. Check out varenna, bellagio, and menaggio, which offer great views, historic churches, and water-based activities such as.

Lake como is a destination with a pure beauty, a marvelous nature and breath-taking views, from where you can walk, relax, discover the peace and enjoy the calm of an holiday. Because we wish to see all of you here on lake como, a world within a world.