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Founder Co

We work with founders of tech, tech-enabled and product-based businesses to create and realise life-changing value. Were a collective who have operated, invested in and advised companies and founders over many years.

Founder Co

Once hyphenated, the word is a single word, so only needs a capital at the beginning of the entire word. If you write co founder (which isnt really a word) then youd capitalize both. Co-founder works in a sentence when its not part of someones title.

Founder is a word that we are familiar with and understand it as the person or individual who establishes a venture. It is a term that connotes pride and prestige as well as creativity on the part of the person who starts the venture.

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, engineers, hackers, venture capitalists, web developers, web designers and others. A co-founder is someone who helps the founder found the company.

Theres no need to capitalize it since it is not a proper noun unless it is at the beginning of a sentence or being used in a title. Once it is hyphenated it becomes a single word and so f should not be capitalized.

  there may be a preference regionally, such as british english generally preferring the co-founder or co-founder alternatives, but that does not make those options incorrect in american english. Likewise, the more favored cofounder in american english is just as correct in british english.