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Eur-lex (stylized eur-lex) is an official website of european union law and other public documents of the european union (eu), published in 24 official languages of the eu. The official journal (oj) of the european union is also published on eur-lex. Users can access eur-lex free of charge and also register for a free account, which offers extra features.

EU law EUR Lex

Eur-lex offers access to eu law, case-law by the court of justice of the european union and other public eu documents as well as the authentic electronic official journal of the eu in 24 languages.

Help to enter the celex number in the find results by celex number widget. The celex number is the uunique identifier of a document on eur-lex (e.).

Directive 2009110ec of the european parliament and of the council of 16 september 2009 on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions amending directives 200560ec and 200648ec and repealing directive 200046ec (text with eea relevance).

This e-learning module provides search tips that will enable you to make the most of eur-lex. Some of the videos are based on the previous version of eur-lex and are being updated. You can work through the 2-hour module in chunks, or in one go if you prefer.