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Defi Defin

Defi Defin

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Define definition, to state or set forth the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.).

Antonyms for defined include undefined, indistinct, ambiguous, ill-defined, imprecise, indefinite, inarticulate, indeterminate, inexact and obscure.

DEFINE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Defi Defin

To say what the meaning of something, especially a word, is 2.

Defi Defin

  defi is short for decentralized finance, an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries.

Define definition is - to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of.

Definition of defi | What does defi mean?

Defi Defin

  fi definition finland meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

In an internal-definition context, a define form introduces a local binding see internal definitions. At the top level, the top-level binding for id is created after evaluating expr, if it does not exist already, and the top-level mapping of id (in the namespace linked with the compiled definition) is set to the binding at the same time.