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Computed B

Hive metastore is the central repository of apache hive metadata. It contains metadata (column names, data types, partitions, comments, etc.).

  reading time 2 minutes there is a growing need in todays era of digital transformation for the real-time analysis of data, but most data platforms cant meet.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the optimal b values required for the generation of computed high-b-value dw images.

Prostate Cancer Detection Using Computed Very High b value .

Rationale and objectives the aim of this study was to assess prostate cancer detection using a broad range of computed b-values up to 5000 smm(2). Materials and methods this retrospective health insurance portability and accountability act-compliant study was approved by an institutional review board with consent waiver.

The cnr eff between tumor-suspicious and normal-appearing prostate tissue in dwi images at a b value of 1400 smm2 is comparable in cdwi and directly measured dwi.

Visual analytics adoption has been growing in importance as data-driven digital transformation is becoming the norm for all enterprises.