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A Specific

A Specific

54 synonyms of specific from the merriam-webster thesaurus, plus 108 related words, definitions, and antonyms.

Specific definition, having a special application, bearing, or reference specifying, explicit, or definite to state ones specific purpose.

  a specific is the correct form as advised by mexusa above. Spanish - madrid, spain nov 29, 2005 5 thank you very much ) p.

specific Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

A Specific

Say you ask your friend to meet you at a specific time and place it means you want to meet her at, say, rays pizza at 300 pm, not just anywhere. Learn dictionary vocabulary lists look up a word, learn it forever. If you describe something as specific, youre signaling that youre being precise.

Specific definition is - constituting or falling into a specifiable category.

To issue a specific command, you need to go through a series of sub-menus, selecting the desired option at each level. Exact, accurate, precise, correct, error-free, pinpoint, detailed, explicit, express, clear-cut, well defined, unambiguous, unequivocal, meticulous, close, strict, definite.